May 18, 2010

Our Journey

As with everything in life, this blog is going to be a process. God has taken us on a journey that few have understood. Many times in the past 17 years, we haven't understood. But when those times of confusion or hurt came, His gentle Spirit whispered, "I'm here. Trust me." Sometimes God takes you to the desert. But He doesn't take you there and leave you. When the journey began, He urged us to trust Him to provide our needs. He has always provided. Even in the difficult times, He was there, providing for our needs. He is always there, holding my hand and getting me through each day.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tamara, thank you for your visit today. I'm happy to meet you. Your post is so true. we must trust god to lead us through each day. I love blogging and it is a way to share our thoughts in a sort of journal.

    Happy birthday to Jazz and Boomer. I love the tricks you are teaching them. It makes me laugh to read it. They are adorable. we have a little poodle 7 months old. She is smart too. We sure lose our hearts to our pets don't we?

    Hugs, Jeanne